Research of business environment (B2B)

B2B specializes in projects studying relationships between market participants (companies and regulating authorities) in a specific market situation, helps clients to solve problems in their business development and evaluates different industries and markets.

Types of B2B research:

  •  Research of competitive environment
  •  Evaluation of market potential, opportunities for and barriers to business development
  •  Research accompanying investments or business acquisition
  •  Relations, knowledge and usage of different types of business products and services
  •  Peculiarities and habits of consuming business products and services by business environment representatives
  •  Clients’ satisfaction and methods of enhancing their loyalty
  •  Evaluation of the distribution system
  •  Trade chain analysis
  •  Testing new products, services etc.
  •  Evaluation of internal resources of business optimization
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02.02.2012 Participation in TV program about Google technology
The topic of the movie - Google Search Engine technologies

27.10.2011 Russian business possesses hidden potential
The interview with the owners and managers of new investment projects demonstrate that Russian business possesses huge hidden potential. The possibilities of growth are reserved in the all-inclusive approach to creation of the business project management system and implementation of modern tools.

20.05.2011 ADD UP Research marketing agency provided the results of the research: Internet Software Store Interface Perception.
Our company has finished the research of perception of the Internet Software Store.

18.02.2011 Online focus-groups: initiative project carried out
ADD UP Research agency implemented the initiative project for carrying out focus-groups. The focus groups within the mutual project between ADD UP Research and Tiburon Research has been carried out successfully.