Qualitative research methods

Qualitative research, which can also be called СinterpretationalТ, aims at obtaining in-depth information with the help of special techniques. Qualitative research allows us to obtain information about the motives of behavior and peopleТs attitudes, i.e. receive an answer to the question УWhy?Ф

Strict requirements to the selection and mathematic proof of information credibility do not apply to such research. Qualitative research is a process of constant discovery.

Focus group

Semi-standardized focus group interview according to the scenario prepared in advance. Aims at collecting preliminary information, elaborating research hypotheses, analyzing perception of certain objects and stimulating new creative ideas.

  • standard focus groups
  • mini focus groups
  • children groups
  • groups of Сfriendly formatТ
  • expert groups
  • brain storm

Feel the atmosphere of the focus group!

Projective techniques

We use projective verbal and non-verbal techniques to free respondents from logic limitations, provoke creative ideas and remove formal cliche reactions. This allows us to avoid protective response and preparatory set, and also provides great opportunities for studying emotions, motivational aspects, cognitive functions and individual communication style of respondents.

Types of techniques:
  • Psychological picture, molding
  • Brand-mapping
  • Image pictures
  • Abstract

In-depth interview

An individual talk conducted according to the plan prepared in advance and based on methods encouraging respondents to have long and detailed discussions on a number of questions the researcher is interested in. This allows us to analyze a wide spectrum of in-depth motives of the respondentsТ actions and study both rational and irrational reasons for their behavior.

In-depth interviews are cost-effective when developing and evaluating advertising campaign effectiveness, analyzing product life cycles, studying brand images and exploring different distribution channels. There is an opinion that the prices of focus groups and in-depth interviews differ significantly Ц our experience proves it wrong.

Expert interview

Collection of primary data based on expertsТ experience, knowledge and intuition, and further analytical treatment of information obtained.

Used in order to forecast the situation dynamics or to receive specialized information. As a rule, expert interviews are combined with the analysis of secondary information sources (desk research).

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02.02.2012 Participation in TV program about Google technology
The topic of the movie - Google Search Engine technologies

27.10.2011 Russian business possesses hidden potential
The interview with the owners and managers of new investment projects demonstrate that Russian business possesses huge hidden potential. The possibilities of growth are reserved in the all-inclusive approach to creation of the business project management system and implementation of modern tools.

20.05.2011 ADD UP Research marketing agency provided the results of the research: Internet Software Store Interface Perception.
Our company has finished the research of perception of the Internet Software Store.

18.02.2011 Online focus-groups: initiative project carried out
ADD UP Research agency implemented the initiative project for carrying out focus-groups. The focus groups within the mutual project between ADD UP Research and Tiburon Research has been carried out successfully.