Quantitative research methods

Quantitative marketing research is used to identify the popularity level of evaluations, opinions and behavioral patterns.

Quantitative research allows us to receive information which is statistically reliable and can be spread over the main population.

If needed, the data can be extrapolated to the main population.

Interview format

A traditional and tried way to obtain formalized information. Different locations and additional equipment for communication with the respondent.

Combining quantitative and qualitative methods is a well-proven technique when conducting hall tests. On-line research is becoming more and more in demand due to the growth of the Internet audience. The computer interview technique (with a laptop or a pocket PC) allows us to conduct complex polls and tests with a hierarchical system of selection, which is required, first of all, in price research.

  •  personal interview
  •  quantitative-qualitative personal interview
  •  hall test
  •  CATI / telephone interview
  •  CAWI / on-line interview
  •  computer interview

Registration format

Prospective methods which allow us to gather data without interfering with the decision-making process. Thus the researcher’s influence on the respondents’ behavior is excluded to the maximum extent. The registration method is indispensable in projects involving consumer behavior research and retail research.

The usage of technical means (for example, video recording of the consumer flow) gives the trade marketing department a lot of information which cannot be obtained in other ways.

  •  behavior registration
  •  traffic registration
  •  video recording analysis

Each stage of research has optional or solid controlling procedures, in which clients can participate freely.

Research results are provided in different formats, from data files to special statistical analyses oriented towards marketing tasks. Our presentations of quantitative projects always contain explanatory comments and management resumes.

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02.02.2012 Participation in TV program about Google technology
The topic of the movie - Google Search Engine technologies

27.10.2011 Russian business possesses hidden potential
The interview with the owners and managers of new investment projects demonstrate that Russian business possesses huge hidden potential. The possibilities of growth are reserved in the all-inclusive approach to creation of the business project management system and implementation of modern tools.

20.05.2011 ADD UP Research marketing agency provided the results of the research: Internet Software Store Interface Perception.
Our company has finished the research of perception of the Internet Software Store.

18.02.2011 Online focus-groups: initiative project carried out
ADD UP Research agency implemented the initiative project for carrying out focus-groups. The focus groups within the mutual project between ADD UP Research and Tiburon Research has been carried out successfully.