About the company

Add Up Research is an independent Russian company which has been operating in marketing research since 2007.

Add Up conducts market research using qualitative and quantitative methods to gather data, analyzing consumersТ attitudes and motives and studying expertsТ opinions and market participantsТ behavior.

In 2008, established and actively developing direction of user experience research and usability. Today high tech is one of the agencyТs prospective areas of operation.

Add Up is a smart company, which employs specialists with excellent knowledge and great experience, who continue growing together with the dynamically developing reality.

Add Up has a wide range of customers Ц from largest transnational holdings to comparatively small Russian companies and private entrepreneurs.

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02.02.2012 Participation in TV program about Google technology
The topic of the movie - Google Search Engine technologies

27.10.2011 Russian business possesses hidden potential
The interview with the owners and managers of new investment projects demonstrate that Russian business possesses huge hidden potential. The possibilities of growth are reserved in the all-inclusive approach to creation of the business project management system and implementation of modern tools.

20.05.2011 ADD UP Research marketing agency provided the results of the research: Internet Software Store Interface Perception.
Our company has finished the research of perception of the Internet Software Store.

18.02.2011 Online focus-groups: initiative project carried out
ADD UP Research agency implemented the initiative project for carrying out focus-groups. The focus groups within the mutual project between ADD UP Research and Tiburon Research has been carried out successfully.